Business In the Community

If you are trying to develop new leads for your business, one way to do that is to get involved in local community events. This could include participating in those events or by just being a sponsor.

The scope and involvement of businesses can vary depending on the event. It could include a monetary component, or by sharing its time and talents. Here are ways that a business can play an active part in their community.

A business can sponsor events

Many community events, particularly those with a charitable purpose, regularly seek out sponsorships from local businesses. Seek out events that closely align with the mission and values of the business if possible.

A business can donate to a community event

Donations are a vital way for businesses to give back to the community. While many charitable events are deserving of donations, businesses may wish to identify a couple of organizations they want to support on an ongoing basis and develop that relationship. Or a business might prefer to donate to a different event every year as an annual award to an organization of their choosing.

A business can offer in-kind services

Besides monetary donations, businesses can also donate their services to community events for free or at a lower rate, or by planning a company-wide volunteer day during a community event. Besides the possibility of future business, it also provides an opportunity for employees to bond with their co-workers.